Tennessee's Premier Paranormal Investigation Team

East Valley Paranormal Society is based in Oakdale, Tennessee.

We are a highly trained Non-Profit Paranormal Research Group

Our mission is to find proof of the existence of life after death,
and all we can learn from it.
We do this by means of scientific investigation

Our purpose is to pursue knowledge and proof that paranormal
phenomena exists, but first and foremost to disprove or debunk a haunting
before we label any place haunted.

Our findings and research will be posted on our website only with client's permission.
We have a VERY STRICT confidentiality policy.

Think you are haunted?
Are you experiencing strange things in your home and/or business?
Are you looking for answers as to what's happening?
All private investigations are done for
There is NEVER a charge for our services!!

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***Please Note***
We do NOT rid a home or business of ghosts or spirits.
We are a paranormal research team and dedicated to helping educate the
public on the paranormal. Although we do have a wide range of other professional
people we work with in cases that need more assistance.
Word of Caution

Trained Investigators compared to Ghost Tracker/Paranormal "Meetup" Groups

With the recent popularity of various paranormal reality shows available on cable, satellite and on YouTube, it
has become critically important for the public to be able to determine if paranormal investigators and
researchers are truly experts at what they imply to do or if they are just "ghost hunters", curiosity seekers or an
internet based "meetup" group looking or a thrill. EVPS contends that only experienced, trained paranormal
investigators should be utilized for your peace of mind and security. Always ask for references and credentials
prior to allowing any group or organization to conduct and investigation on your property or offer advice
regarding paranormal activity you may be experiencing!!
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we have captured!!

BY KELSEY MEYER one of our Ghost Walk

Our Evidence

We dropped off a portion of our proceeds of our "Dark Side of Harriman Ghost Walk" to the
Roane County Animal Shelter on November 17, 18.
It was a pleasure to help such a worthy place!
Stacey McElhaney and all the volunteers do wonderful work here!!
The animals are truly blessed to have such an awesome staff & director!!
We'd like to take this time to Thank everyone for your kindness and support this last year.
It means a great deal to each and everyone on the team.
We have some amazing investigations planned for the upcoming year and we're all very excited about it.